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“Every story has a beginning and this is David Wallace’s.”

We’ve got the first few paragraphs of D.T. Max’s Every Love Story is a Ghost Story: The Life of David Foster Wallace for you to read. The book comes out next week.

Oh no, this just led to me re-reading that Rolling Stones article about DFW’s life and last days:

" ‘I can’t get the image out of my head,’ his sister says. ‘David and his dogs, and it’s dark. I’m sure he kissed them on the mouth, and told them he was sorry.’ “

That’s the fourth time I’ve been bitten by a dog

One guess as to whether it was a large breed or a small breed

Hey, when I ask you if it’s all right to pet your dog, please answer honestly

There’s a reason I’m asking.

Don’t tell me, “Yeah, sure, he just gets a little excited,” because then I think he’ll just jump up on me — not come up to me showing zero signs of aggression/fear, and then bite my goddamn hand.  Broke the skin, too.

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